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Welcome back to the kitchen! Open for private classes as of September, 2020

Until further notice, we will only be offering private culinary classes to groups who share the same social bubble or family homes. 

Private classes are a great way to enjoy a delicious evening or afternoon out with your family or social bubble(s). Click here to find out more: Private, Group and Corporate Bookings

We have many safety procedures in place for you and the staff of Well Bread.
Our class sizes are smaller and we've temporarily removed the dining table and added stools at your work station for comfort.
We're still serving wine and beer, but we can't serve the welcome snack for now. That's okay, we've made up for it with the food you get to make during class.

Come see us soon!

Chef Cat & the Kitchen Helpers: Grace, Kirsten, Krysta, Lolo, Melanie & Nicole





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Gift certificates are available in any denomination.

Purchasing the certificate in the amount of the class means the recipient doesn't have to pay any extra; they show up and enjoy their culinary experience just as you intended.

Class amounts are: $115, $125 and $135 and up + gst

Email: chef@wellbread.ca

to purchase your gift certificate 

Baking - Class Samples See our Calendar for what's baking right now!

Cooking - Class Samples See our Calendar for what's Cooking right now!

Private, Group and Team Building

What's Cooking

Open and ready for classes!

By Catherine McInroy | January 10, 2019 |

In December, 2018 we held our soft opening and hosted many classes from pasta to pastry, appetizers to entrees. The verdict is in: Well Bread Culinary Centre is exceeding all expectations of what our guests thought a cooking class would be! We had kids in here as young at 6 making pasta and encouraged adults…

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Cooking up a new business

By pwsadmin | June 29, 2018 |

January, 2018, my husband and I started to renovate the building that once housed The Boys & Girls Club in Whitehorse; and before that, it was the A.J. Forsythe Steel building. The warehouse portion of our building has been in downtown Whitehorse since the 1950’s when this area of town was the industrial area. If you look on the side of the warehouse you’ll see an old fire hose connector. This building housed the only fire hydrant in this area up until early 2000’s!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to COVID-19 precautions we have a few new rules to follow: Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your class starts. You’ll be greeted by our mask-wearing friendly staff and invitedin one-at-a-time, asked to sanitize your hands, shown where to hang your jacket, change your shoes (please bring indoor shoes in the winter), you'll wash your hands at the hand sink, head to your station where you'll find your apron and a seat. Please remain there and limit your movement around the facility for all our safety.

Your hands will be in the ingredients so be prepared to stand while working. Wear comfortable, close-toed shoes and clothing suitable for working in the kitchen (tight sleeved or short-sleeved shirts). Your long hair is best tied back or feel free to bring a head cover if that’s what you prefer. You’ll make and take home your culinary creations in a 100% compostable take-out container. You’ll be provided with an apron and hand towels to use during your class; all linens will be gathered at the end of class.

Closed toed shoes are mandatory in professional kitchens and our hands-on classes require the same. Ensure your shoes are comfortable as you may be standing for extended periods during a hands-on class. Comfortable clothing with tight fitting sleeves (or short-sleeves) will help keep the ingredients off your clothes. Baking classes may involve handling flour which will show on dark coloured clothing. We provide you with an apron to use during your class. In winter please bring indoor close-toed shoes to change into.

Sometimes our students just want to sit and watch, eat and drink and that’s fine by us! You’ll be encouraged to ask questions during the demo’s and, of course, you’ll eat, drink and visit with your fellow classmates. No special clothing or footwear is required for a Demonstration class; just sit back, relax and enjoy all the flavours coming your way!

We have several parking spots outside our centre. Also, there is ample free street parking on Ogilvie Street and 6th Avenue (½ a block from our centre). Please do not park in the alley that fronts our building. There are several residential properties surrounding our centre. Please be mindful not to park in or block our neighbour’s driveways.

The class length is noted in the class description. Most hands-on classes vary in length from 2 - 3 hours, depending on the instruction. If a class duration indicates 2.5 hours you can expect to be finished close to the 2.5 hour time.

Class length also depends on the skill level of the students which can vary greatly. If you need to leave at a certain time, no problem, just let Chef know and we'll help you finish your instruction and take your foods with you. 

Sorry, only registered guests can stay during the class. To reduce the transmission of germs we ask your ride to remain outside the facility and wait for you there.

We keep our classes small so the Chef/Instructor can give every guest personal attention during the class. 12 people or less is our preferred Chef to student ratio. 

Yes, we are a fully licensed facility and registered guests will be offered wine/beer/spirits and non-alcoholic options during their class. Some classes are specifically designed as pairings; however, non-alcoholic options will always be available to our guests. Only registered guests 19 years and older are served alcoholic beverages. Yes, we check ID.

Your safety is our priority. Any guest exhibiting signs of intoxication will be invited to try our non-alcoholic drink options and asked to please find a safe alternative way home. We will gladly call you a taxi and work with you to ensure your vehicle is parked in an appropriate location for easy retrieval when you are sober.

The price of most regular class tickets include two alcoholic drinks. .

COVID-19 precautions are followed in our facility. If you are experiencing ANY symptoms of any sickness please do not come to the class. You will be issued a gift certificate to attend a future class. We ask that you please do not abuse this policy. The food has already been purchased and prepared for you and the staff wages paid for your class. When you cancel it costs us money, not you. This is a private, small business and we appreciate you respecting that the pandemic has hit the food industry the hardest.

Please let us know as soon as you book you spot of any dietary restrictions. We are happy to try and accommodate your dietary requirements but there may be additional charges for this. Individuals with nut allergies should be aware that there may be traces of nuts in our facility and foods prepared and served at the Centre. We take precautions to avoid cross-contamination; however, our facility is not “nut-free”. If you require an epi-pen due to your allergies we encourage you to bring your own to class and alert our staff that you have one so we are prepared to assist you if necessary.

Classes are priced depending on ingredient costs, complexity of technique and length. All employees at Well Bread are paid a living wage. We use as much local product as possible and pay top dollar to those producers to help keep them in business. Buy local and you support locals!

We try to be generous with our portions and, depending on your appetite, you may have leftovers to take with you. We give you 100% compostable or reusable containers for your leftovers.

Every cook is different and so is every person. A good rule of thumb for determining if your child is ready to take a class by themselves: Is your child mature enough to be left home alone and allowed to use the stove during that time? If the answer is yes, then go for it and book your child for their culinary experience! We have classes for kids accompanied by an adult, and classes for early teens and young adults who are responsible enough to come on their own. We're not a babysitting service. If your child is causing a disruption or behaving in a manor that is unsafe for themselves or others, acting in a manner that is disruptive and negatively impacts the enjoyment of the class for the other guests your child will be asked to leave immediately and their class fees are not refundable.

We work hard to give you the best experience possible at Well Bread. If you'd like to show us your appreciation for the efforts we made, we'd be very grateful. All tips go to the Kitchen Assistants. We have debit/credit tap, just let us know if you need it for the gratuity.

Chef Cat (the owner) does not take any of the tip money even if she taught your class. All gratuities are split evenly between the staff that helped Chef Cat give you one of the best culinary experiences that Whitehorse has to offer.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.