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Meet the Talent

cat head shot June 2019

Meet Chef Cat McInroy - Owner

Chef Catherine (Cat) McInroy was born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon to generational immigrant parents from Eastern Europe. Her earliest food memories are with her Mother in the kitchen making bread, pasta, cutting up wild meat and making sausage. Youngest of 7 children, she and her siblings grew up camping and fishing with their parents and farming and hunting on her Dad's trap line in the Ibex Valley. 

Cat started her cooking career while working full-time shift work as a first responder in the RCMP. On her days-off she worked with many local chefs, catered her own and friend's weddings and helped formulate the Air North flight kitchen in it’s earliest days. Cat has had the privilege of cooking for delegates like Prime Minister Harper and Jack Layton and several other celebrities that come through the Yukon.

In 2005, Cat completed a distance delivery course with Highest Honours in Cooking and Catering, (Le Cordon Bleu) and in 2014 went back and forth to Calgary for two years where she also graduated Highest Honours in Baking & Pastry Arts, 2016 from SAIT. In 2017, she attended The Wellbeck Artisan Food School in England, and in 2015 took a laminated pastry course with Canadian Olympic Pastry Chef Tracey Muzzollini. Cat is a member of the Bread Baker’s Guild of America, Canadian Baking Association, International Association of Culinary Professionals and Women and Chef Restaurateurs. 

In less than a year, Cat took her idea for a food adventure and turned it into a thriving business with wait lists for her classes. Well Bread Culinary Centre is the only privately owned culinary education centre in Northern Canada. Cat invites guest Chefs and culinary experts from the Yukon and all over the world to cook with her at Well Bread. Together they build kitchen confidence in the young and old by teaching hands-on cooking and baking classes in a beautiful, modern facility.

Cat maintains beautiful gardens on the grounds of Well Bread and sends her guests out "urban foraging" there and in the surrounding wilderness areas in Whitehorse. In the spring you'll find Chef Cat raiding her neighbours yards for dandelion heads to put in Pakoras. Cat, along with other local foraging experts, is happy to share her passion and knowledge of the edible paradise where they live; the Boreal Forest. 

Join Chef Cat and the many other culinary experts she collaborates with at Well Bread. There is a class for everyone here; young and old, professional and beginner home cooks alike.

Chef Cat is a member of the panel of culinary experts that chose the Air Canada enRoute 2019 Best New Canadian Restaurants. You can often hear her on CBC radio sharing culinary advice and soon she'll be in a film about culinary adventures in the Yukon. 

Picture used with permission by Chris Irving

Meet Chef Chris Irving

Born and raised in Whitehorse, Chris Irving got his first culinary introduction at Relais & Chateaux property; The Wickaninnish Inn. After 3 years in Tofino, Chris moved to Vancouver to pursue an education of Advanced Culinary and Pastry at Dubrulle International Culinary Arts, all while working full time at coveted West Restaurant.

Chris has opened restaurants and worked in top kitchens all around the world, most notably Bangkok, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mexico City and New York. He is most well known for the design, construction and opening of Vancouver’s award winning Pourhouse as Executive Chef Patron. Chris then spent a total of 5 years in London as Group Executive Senior Sous Chef under Gordon Ramsay, where he was involved in filming of live television alongside the celebrity chef. During his time with the group, he had the distinguished opportunity to cook for Her Majesty the Queen, and was private chef to The Beckham family in their London, Los Angeles and country estates.

The Marine Conservation Society of Australia honoured Chris with an Ambassadorship for his work in marine conservation and devotion to sustainability. The Society brought him to New York in 2017 to cook at the coveted James Beard House to represent Oceanwise; a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program created to educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. Chris' love of travel and pursuing his passions of marine conservation were recently demonstrated while filming and collecting scientific research data on the migratory patterns of billfish in Florida and the Bahamas. 

Chris is a certified WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Sommelier, and currently maintains the role of trusted chef consultant to the Spanish Royal Family. Chris has been written about in international publications such as NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, Koncierge and has been featured in Vogue three times, including a published personal recipe.

In the most recent years, his primary efforts have been focused towards his lifelong dream of building and developing an internationally celebrated gem in his home territory.  By engaging his talent and harnessing his experiences, he plans to pursue his entrepreneurial vision. He aspires to raise recognition and appreciation of the Yukon, by garnering intercontinental celebration of the bountiful lands on which he was born and raised.  

Chris has just returned from Switzerland, after spending the winter in the Alps.  As a proud Yukoner, he is always happy to return home and looking forward to sinking his teeth deeper into his personal projects! 


Meet Amy Lank, Dietitian

Amy is a Registered Dietitian living and working in Whitehorse. She is a founding member of the Yukon Dietitian Alliance and works for Health and Social Services (Continuing Care).

Amy was born in Kimberley, BC, but grew up in Sundre and Ponoka, Alberta. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetic Internship through St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, NS. Amy met her fiancé at school and followed him to his hometown, Whitehorse; where she, like so many others, fell in love with the city. Amy enjoys hiking, camping, canoeing, and trying new outdoor adventures with her 1-year-old pup, Lily.

Amy has always loved food. Her fondest childhood memories are of her Grandma’s homemade perogies, dill pickles, and salsa, and her Dad’s smoked moose jerky. Amy was always the one asking for snacks 5 minutes into a road trip or 5 minutes after dinner. She loved food and was apparently hungry ALL the time. If you didn’t find Amy in the kitchen, you would find her on the ball diamond. Amy played competitive sports, namely fastpitch, all throughout high school and university. She also played basketball, volleyball, badminton, and track and field. Amy is now busy training for her second Yukon River Quest! Understanding the effect of nutrition on sport performance, is what first triggered Amy to pursue a degree in nutrition.

Amy loves sharing her knowledge of nutrition with others. She is excited to work with and learn from the talented students and chefs at Well Bread Culinary Centre.

chef Claude

Meet Chef Claude Dupuy

Born and raised in France, I developed a true passion for good food with my grandmother. She was constantly cooking or baking and I was always there to see how she was doing it. I fell in love with the different smells and flavours that she was bringing to the table. I was hooked and I knew at that moment that I will one day become a Chef.

I graduated with my Professional Chef Diploma in 1997 and took the opportunity to travel the world doing what I like the most, COOKING. Over the years, I have lived and worked in several cities in Europe. Therefore, I learned different recipes and developed  diverse skill sets and techniques. This is how I discovered my love for Mediterranean food. My cooking specialties are French, Italian, Greek and Spanish food. Like most Chefs I also have a sweet tooth, and I really enjoy baking. From fine pastry and viennoiserie to larger cakes, I can always find something that you will love. 

So let’s have some fun together while I show you some cool techniques and fun recipes to learn how to eat healthier.

Chef_Cécile_01 (1)

Meet Chef Cecile Legare

Chef Cécile is a French trained chef. She came from France to Whitehorse 8 years ago. Her food memories start a long time ago: the soups made with the vegetables from the garden, the fresh eggs, the eels at her grandparents’ house, the Ceylon tea and fruits cake at her grandma’s, the duck confit from her parent’s friends... When she was 10, she attempted her first croquembouche and discovered that you can spend 4 hours to make a cake and it will be eaten in less than 5 minutes: that was her first approach of the professional cooking world!

After 10 years of teaching she took the plunge, attended a Culinary Arts School and passed her Chef diploma. She learned from her main teacher the pillars of French classical cuisine… and some tips on how to hire a cook: “A good cook knows how to make rice pilaf, omelette and wears clean shoes!” The year after, she was hired in one of the best Loire Valley fine dining restaurant owned by Chef F. Jénot, formerly sous-chef in world-class restaurants (the Hôtel du Palais in Biarritz, the Ritz in Paris…). And because the training and learning never stop when you are a cook, she multiplied the cooking experiences: she catered a lot of musical events she was organizing with a group of girl friends and fed many French and American singers and rock bands. In 2011 she was flown to Québec to cook a French lunch for 100 VIPs at the F.M.E. music festival. Being a camp cook in remote areas and cooking French classical recipes is a big memory too!

Her motto could be: “Product, Technics, Seasoning”, in any cooking situation.

She’s very happy to share her knowledge and experience with the students of the Well Bread Culinary Centre.


Meet Chef Amelia Slobogean

Amelia Rose Slobogean was born into a food loving Ukrainian family in Vancouver, and knew at a young age that she wanted to be a chef. As a young girl, she would stay up late at night scouring her mother’s Bon Appetit magazine collection. Amelia relished in preparing very elaborate desserts for family events. As a teen, she would cook extravagant meals for her friends as their Christmas gift every year.  

At age 15, Amelia had her first restaurant job and directly after high school attended Dubrulle French Culinary School in Vancouver. Chef Amelia went on to work in several high end restaurants in Vancouver and in 1994 landed a pastry cook position at the Oak Bay Marina in Victoria. She was soon promoted to Assistant Pastry Chef, overseeing the pastry department of this highly revered 250 seat restaurant.

A born world traveler, Chef Amelia globe trotted many times in her twenties and thirties. In her travels, she rekindled her love for the violin which she had studied seriously as a child, but set aside as a young teen to pursue her culinary aspirations. Having re-immersed herself in the world of music, she switched her focus from working in fine dining establishments to taking jobs which would support her music career. In turn, she worked many years flipping eggs in diners, line cooking in restaurants, and working as a camp cook. All the while, her French training and early fine dining kitchen experience prevailed.

At 35, Chef Amelia ventured into a remote fishing lodge in the Chilcotin as she needed to see for herself if having her own restaurant was still a dream she needed to pursue; but, after two summers of 15 hour days, and no time for music, the violin serenaded Amelia out of the kitchen.

Chef Amelia is currently very busy as a Mom to her young son, Reuben. She teaches fiddle/violin to private students of all ages, as well as travels often to several Yukon communities to share her love of music. She is always cooking or baking something at home for her family and strongly believes that good food is imperative for health and happiness. This, combined with music, is truly a dream come true for her. Chef Amelia has recently delved back into professional cooking with recent appointments at The Chocolate Claim, private catering and on-call work.

Chef Amelia is very happy to have the opportunity to share her passion for cooking and baking with the students at Well Bread.