1898 Sourdough Starter

$7.50 +GST



Cost covers shipping, packaging, access to recipes, techniques, and information about the Starter. Thank you for helping cover the costs associated with producing this beautiful and unique sourdough starter. Please have patience; mail from the Yukon takes longer to get to its final destination – usually 2 weeks to most places in Canada and longer for the United States and other International destinations.

There is no charge for the sourdough starter and is given freely to Yukoners willing to pick up the dried starter in person at Well Bread. To get your free starter locally, please email: chef@wellbread.ca  One dried starter per request. Please share it freely after you activate it. This is the “Yukon’s Sourdough Starter” and belongs to no one and everyone. Chef Cat is the caretaker and educator of this sourdough.



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