Open and ready for classes!

In December, 2018 we held our soft opening and hosted many classes from pasta to pastry, appetizers to entrees. The verdict is in: Well Bread Culinary Centre is exceeding all expectations of what our guests thought a cooking class would be! We had kids in here as young at 6 making pasta and encouraged adults to take chances with foods they thought they hated!

What to expect at your class

When you arrive at Well Bread you’ll be warmly greeted by our staff and instructor. You’ll settle in at our marble dining tables with a snack and a glass of wine/beer or a non-alcoholic drink. You’ll meet the other guests in your class, have a look at the recipes you’ll be making, put on an apron we provide and have a brief orientation of our facility. The instructor will demonstrate and discuss the recipes and then you’ll have an opportunity to head to your work station where all the ingredients and equipment are waiting for you, and create the dish you just watched being demo’d. You’ll return to the dining table and, depending on your class, finish your snack or eat the creation you just made. We’ll do it all again and your class just whizzes by!

How long is the class?

Sometimes the classes run a little over two hours; it depends on the skill level of the students and often everyone is having such a great time it doesn’t matter if we’ve gone a little over the expected time. That’s what your experience here is all about; you! We have small classes so the instructor can give you one-on-one attention when you need it. When you run into issues with your dish, Chef is right there to help you and we problem solve together. Often, the student beside you may offer a suggestion and we all learn from each other. That’s what Well Bread is all about! For those of you who have a babysitter at home please let me know if you are under a time constraint and we’ll make sure you are out the door when you are expected.