Private Group and
Corporate Bookings

Private Group and Corporate Bookings

To discuss your private event email us at:

Private Bookings: Hands-On Classes for groups of friends, family, and/or coworkers

We have hosted large family celebrations at Well Bread, staff Christmas parties, and smaller meetings that have included a lot or a little hands-on cooking. Do you have a group of friends looking to do something new together but still keep the environment private? We will design a culinary experience to suit your needs and exceed your expectations. This is the venue of choice to have your bridal shower, family reunion, birthday party, team-building experience, or any other event involving food and fun that you want to enjoy (we do the dishes and cleaning, you get all the fun and eating).

Contact Chef Cat to discuss your event: but read on as your questions may be answered in the text below.

Scroll down to see pricing and ideas for private events. Don’t see what you want to eat? No problem. There’s no culinary adventure Chef Cat isn’t willing to take on! We work to personalize your culinary experience in a way no other food facility in Whitehorse can. What’s better than making a family meal together and not having to clean your house, do any of the food prep or wash the dishes? Not much. Consider having your next family celebration with us so everyone can enjoy the experience with absolutely zero stress.

All private bookings are based on a minimum charge of 6 persons. You may have less or up to 12 people hands-on (provided the people standing side by side do not have to physically distance from each other).

For groups larger than 12 we can accommodate you as well!

Groups of 7+ guests require extra staff to handle the workload. $175+gst for each additional staff member.

Check the online calendar on the website first to see if your desired dates are available BEFORE you contact Chef Cat.

Family Style or Individual?

Culinary classes may happen in either format. You choose the experience depending on the menu and your group.

The Family-Style class consists of guests pairing up to create a dish together that is then enjoyed by the entire group upon completion. An example of a family-style class would be one table makes Pad Thai, another makes a curry, the next makes the elaborate rice and salad, the next the dessert and cocktails, and so on. Any cuisine you choose can be made Family-Style. All the members of your group work collectively to produce multiple dishes that create a full meal. Upon completion, the meal is eaten together. The team shares a common experience that is akin to a large family gathering; competitive sibling rivalry and embarrassing stories are often enjoyed by all! This style works well for team building with coworkers who are able to share space with each other without physical distancing restrictions. There is very little demonstration by the Chef at this style of class due to the volume and variety of dishes; however, Chef is right beside you showing you how to prepare each dish and answering every question that arises. Guests are provided and required to follow recipes at a Family-Style class. This class style works best if at least a few of the guests are somewhat experienced cooks; newbies who have never cooked or followed a recipe will benefit from learning beside a more experienced cook. If you have a group of inexperienced cooks we welcome you to book an Individual-Style class to help boost their confidence.

The Individual-Style class consists of each guest making the same dish at the same time, and then that dish is enjoyed by each person individually. This class style works well for new cooks who prefer to watch first and then do the same. An example of an Individual-Style class could be Pad Thai or Pierogies, but any type of cuisine can be taught this way. Each guest would make their own dish at the same time as everyone else, and then eat their creations either at their own station or at the communal dining table. There is a demonstration of each step by the Chef, and each guest cooks along with Chef at their own workstation. This style works well for cooks with less experience or ones who prefer to watch and copy a demonstration. Most baking classes would be held in the Individual-Style class setting.

What is included in the price?

All food, three alcoholic drinks (wine or beer) and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks (juice/soda water), recipes, equipment/aprons to use during your class, exclusive use of the facility and garden, and one-on-one chef instruction. Want a Zero-Proof event? (no one drinking alcohol) No problem! Let us know in advance and we’ll have zero-proof drinks for your event paired with the menu.

Class length is usually 2.5 – 3 hours. You choose the start time of the class but keep in mind we need to finish by 9:00 pm so the kitchen helpers can clean the facility and not have to stay too late. We ask that your group finish up within the timeline you’ll receive in your booking email. Do you need to condense the time or want your event to last a little longer? No problem. We’ll arrange an event to suit your needs and work within your budget to give you the best culinary experience possible.

A 15% service charge is added to any private booking when accommodations need to be made for allergies, food intolerances, and food preferences. If the food allergy or intolerance is very severe we may not be able to accommodate your needs. 

Team Building/Staff Development

Have your previous team-building experiences been more reminiscent of a group of strangers struggling to make small talk while doing an activity none of you have in common? Then a culinary team-building experience is what your group needs because eating is the common experience that unites everyone on our planet. We have dozens of happy guests who are glad to provide testimonials on how “breaking bread” with each other has transformed their workgroup dynamic. And that happened through one culinary team-building class with Chef Cat! Does your group need a bonding experience outside your workplace? Then choose your experience (Family-style or Individual-style) and let’s get started.

You are welcome to add your own activities or include a staff meeting as part of your event. We work with you to tailor your event and help you accomplish your personnel goals.

Would you like to include your own team-building exercises within our team-building class? No problem. Let us know what your plans are and we will incorporate them into your event. You may also rent the facility for the entire day and have several culinary hands-on experiences between your own staff development activities*.

Our facility and garden are fully licensed. We are pleased to provide you with wine, beer, and cocktail pairings during your team-building event*.

In late spring, summer, and fall, Chef Cat includes urban foraging as part of the team-building experience and sends her guests on adventures for edible flowers, herbs, and vegetables either from her on-site gardens or the nearby wilderness areas.

Due to global cost increases for ingredients and wage increases due to inflation, class prices were increased in August 2022. 

Private Group Bookings: $195+gst per person, 6-person minimum charge: Typical class length is 2.5 – 3 hours. Most Cooking and Baking classes are available for this price (higher ingredient costs raise the price of a class, see elevated experiences below). For example filled Pasta, Pierogi, Cabbage Rolls, Cocktails & Appetizers, and most Ethnic Cuisine classes. We travel the world in our culinary classes and no country or content is off-limits if I can find the ingredients locally and in stores. If you choose the Family Style class your group will collectively prepare 1-2 entree dishes with multiple side dishes and then eat the foods together at the end of class (ethnic cuisine classes work well Family-Style). If you choose an Individual style class then everyone would make two dishes minimum and follow along with Chef Cat as she teaches step-by-step in front of the class.  All private bookings typically last 2.5 – 3 hours in length.

Elevated Culinary Experiences: $225 and up + gst per person, 6-person minimum charge: Local meat-focused classes, Alaskan Seafood, and Advanced Pastry are included in the elevated culinary experiences. The classes are similar to the description above in Private Group Bookings; however, the cost of ingredients is higher for this culinary experience.

A 15% service charge is added to any private booking when accommodations need to be made for allergies, food intolerances, and food preferences. 

Groups of 7+ guests require extra staff to handle the workload. $175+gst for each additional staff member.

Class Cuisine Ideas

All International foods (provided ingredients are available) such as Moroccan, Korean, Middle Eastern, Thai, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, French, Yukon specific (sourdough and Indigenous-style), Mexican, Italian, Spanish, Argentinian, Polynesian, Swiss, Indian (Asia), Russian, Greek, Portuguese AND MORE!

If you have a specific culinary goal in mind these ideas may interest you: Introductory cooking and baking, Cocktails & Appetizers, Comfort Foods, Keto, gluten-free cooking/baking, Cheesemaking, Sausage making, Cooking-For-One, Cake Decorating, Chocolate and Candy making, Cookie exchange, Pasta making, One-Dish meals, Freezer meals, Healthy snacks, Meal Prepping, Sausage making, and so much more!

Do you want to try something that you don’t see mentioned here? Great! If Chef Cat can find the ingredients we can likely have that class. Sadly, I cannot bring wild game meat into the facility but I can come to your house and teach you how to cook it. Look for more information about that here In-Home Lessons & Preparing To Launch

Designer Food Events

We will work with you to design a culinary event that suits the needs of your group. Pricing is based on the number of guests, duration, and menu. Our facility can host 24 persons seated (only if those people are able to be seated next to each other and do not require to be physically distanced). In the summer, our garden is available for guests to enjoy as well (maximum capacity of 50 people inside and out).

Do you have an idea for a food event that doesn’t fit into one of our class categories? Great! Please contact us to discuss how we can make that event happen for you. Send an email to

Culinary adventures are tailored to your group and learning goals.

Special Considerations

Our facility is mobility accessible and conveniently located in downtown Whitehorse. We offer gender-neutral washrooms and ensure an inclusive experience free of harassment.

We try to cater to all food sensitivities and allergies*. Note our facility is not nut-free, gluten-free, or allergy-free.

*additional charges will apply.

COVID-19 and other pandemic-related public safety measures are followed in our facility.

Everyone at Well Bread is paid a living wage. Gratuities are not expected but are so appreciated by the Kitchen Helpers at Well Bread. Chef Cat does not take any of the gratuities, your support of her business is thanks enough!