Cooking up a new business

January, 2018, my husband and I started to renovate the building that once housed The Boys & Girls Club in Whitehorse; and before that, it was the A.J. Forsythe Steel building. The warehouse portion of our building has been in downtown Whitehorse since the 1950’s when this area of town was the industrial area. If you look on the side of the warehouse you’ll see an old fire hose connector. This building housed the only fire hydrant in this area up until early 2000’s!

We have either done or been involved in every stage of renovation. It takes a long time to build a business from scratch, especially one that has never existed in the private sector. Licensing and permitting for a private cooking centre has been interesting as there are no precedents to follow. I really have been blazing some new trails with this business venture. We are very excited to get going!

It’s end of November, 2018 and we’re getting very close to opening. I have lined up some very talented Chefs and home cooks to instruct courses in December. Follow our latest news using the social media links below for instant notifications of our opening date, classes and instructors you may be interested in learning from.



  1. Manon Moreau on December 1, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    Very exciting, Cat! Can’t wait.